Langley House

Paint house Exterior Wood Siding, Wood Window Frames, and Fascia boards. Activities undertaken by Pro Works Fraser Valley;

  • Pressure washing completed 5 days in advance to clean surfaces and allow dry time before painting and staining
  • Hearing protection and safety goggles when performing pressure washing procedure and sanding (orbital sanders)
  • Surfaces were scraped, sanded, wiped, and primed with an oil-based primer from Sherwin Williams
  • Soffits, roof, deck, railing, all windows and doors, lights, and miscellaneous exterior items thoroughly masked before any sprayers were used
  • Roof anchors and 5-point harnesses for  roof work to ensure painter safety
  • Ladder Jacks installed in roof to reach high peaks
  • Roof shingles re-sealed with roof tar sealant once roof equipment removed to ensure no water intrusion issues upon completion of job
  • Full clean up done on day of completion, involving removing and disposing of all masking materials and replacing furniture and accessories back to original location
  • Drop sheets used in all working areas to ensure no paint drops on property
  • All wood siding sprayed and back rolled using Sherwin Williams SuperPaint flat finish in the colour Polo Blue
  • Fascia boards and window frames were painted using Sherwin Williams Emerald Rain Refresh satin finish in white
  • All painted surfaces received two coats
  • Applied out of direct sunlight whenever possible for optimal adhesion and curing time

Step stools, 8-13 Multiway Ladders and 24-foot extension ladders used to access all areas. Ladder wings used for accessing roof to  prevent damage to eavestroughs.


Langley house



34264 Larch St Abbotsford